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Dan Ariely
Top Question · 45 upvotes
Do you think we are living in a just world?
Nir Eyal
Top Question · 24 upvotes
If you could point to one significant phase in your life that gave you the major insights and inspiration for writing "Hooked: How to Build Habit-Form ...
Taylor Swift
Top Question · 152 upvotes
How different is 1989 from your earlier albums?
Cristiano Ronaldo
Top Question · 144 upvotes
Of all the football kits you've worn, which is your favorite, and why?
Top Question · 116 upvotes
After 11 years, how do you feel about your debut album, M.I.A.M.I.?
Justin Bieber
Top Question · 132 upvotes
What do you always take with you when you go on tour?
Vin Diesel
Top Question · 125 upvotes
Which Fast & Furious did you most enjoy shooting?
Lady Gaga
Top Question · 141 upvotes
Which of your tours did you enjoy the most, and why?
Jeff Haden
Top Question · 24 upvotes
What is the best way to become more organized while writing? I would love to use my time more efficiently. I tend to have a lot of great articles, i ...
Alvin E. Roth
Top Question · 22 upvotes
You were awarded the Nobel Prize in Economics in 2012 "for the theory of stable allocations and the practice of market design". Could you tell us a bi ...
Linkin Park
Top Question · 1 upvotes
Which bands or musicians have influenced you the most?
Sujan Patel
Top Question · 18 upvotes
What would be your best advice for growth to a startup with 0 budget for marketing, doing only guerrilla marketing to reach out for new users?
Scott Halford
Top Question · 13 upvotes
As a speaker in many events and a well known author in your field, you probably travel a lot. Where are the most interesting places you have been?
Jigar Shah
Top Question · 24 upvotes
1) Will the energy storage space grow at a similar rate as solar has since 2010? 2) If so, what is the timing of the start of that growth and what spe ...
Kevin Kruse
Top Question · 17 upvotes
What would you advise a startup with 5-10 employees to do in order to strengthen employee engagement?
Gerald Posner
Top Question · 15 upvotes
When dealing with explosive and always relevant matters such as the Vatican, (as opposed to strictly historical items) are you afraid that you'll be a ...
Dr. Story Musgrave
Top Question · 16 upvotes
The first time you traveled through the atmosphere outside of earth, what have you felt and how was the experience?
David Beckham
Top Question · 1 upvotes
What was your best goal ever?
Lucien Engelen
Top Question · 17 upvotes
How are you going to convince doctors to give medical advice via Facebook / video conference ?
Vicki Morris
Top Question · 17 upvotes
Do you remember your first entrepreneurial experience? How was it like?