Good questions are the building blocks of - this is the place where communities can grow together, collecting and curating sets of quality questions for public figures, experts and heroes. By joining forces to write thoughtful questions, and using power in numbers to drum up support for the best ones, we can together bring the crowd interview out of the future and into the present.

It’s worth simply stating that not all questions are going to get answered. However, the better a question is, the more support it will get, and the higher the chances that it might attract an answer. So we suggest focusing on writing good questions that follow these guidelines. We reserve the right to remove questions that do not fall in line with these community standards.

Askers should check if a similar question has already been asked. If so, upvote and share to support it, don’t just ask it again.
Questions should be sincere attempts to gain information and to learn about the person, people or topic in question. This is probably not the place to ask Madonna what the capital of Bolivia is.
Questions should be polite. Askers generating offensive content will not be tolerated!
Questions should be clearly written. We find a quick reread of a question can save a lot of embarrassment.
Questions should be actual questions! That means more than adding a question mark at the end.
Questions should be answerable. We’re willing to admit that this one is subjective so we’ll leave it open to your interpretation.