What would you advise a startup with 5-10 employees to do in order to strengthen employee engagement?

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Growth, Recognition and Trust are the 3 big triggers for engagement, and communication is a distant 4th. In small startups usually there is a lot of growth going on as everyone wears many hats and must learn daily. The team is so small that communication is usually not an issue. So, usually on small teams, it's remembering to take time to show appreciation on an individual level...not just monthly parties or things like that. More like actually saying thank you for specific efforts on a daily or at least weekly basis. When it comes to "trust" it's not so much about ethics, but trusting that the future is bright. Important for the founders to have a clear vision of what 1 year, 3 years and 100 years will look like for the team members.

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Kevin Krusea year ago

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