What are the various tools/resources you use for writing and for increasing your productivity?

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I stay really simple. I write in Word. I use Notes on my phone to jot down ideas I have when I'm away from my desk. And I keep a pad on my desk where I write down ideas. And that's it.

Ideas are everything, so the key is to create a simple system that lets you remember the ideas you have. Sitting down to "have ideas" never works for me. Things come to me when I'm driving, or riding a bike, or working out, or doing dishes... so I make sure I write them down right away. Then I spend a lot of time thinking about those ideas so I know what I want to say when I actually sit down and write. That's probably the best productivity tip I can give you: know what you want to say before you try to say it. The writing will flow MUCH easier.

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