I'd like to be more active. Specifically I'd like to go to pilates in the morning before work. But I have real trouble when it comes to getting out of bed in the morning. Have you ever overcome this issue; any wisdom to share?

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Assaf Levy

Wow. The answer to that could be a book. Still -- if you're having trouble getting out of bed that means you haven't decided working out means enough to you. You want to... but you don't WANT to. So maybe Pilates isn't your thing? I always try to find something beyond "get in shape" or "lose weight" to keep me motivated. I train to ride gran condos. Or I set a goal of being able to do a certain number of pull-ups in thirty minutes. Set a tangible goal, not a fuzzy one.

Then make it really really easy to do what you decide to do. If you want to get up and go to Pilates, have your workout clothes beside your bed or in the bathroom the night before. Have your work clothes all packed and ready to go the night before. Take away anything that could cause you to need to make a decision about whether to go or not... and then get out of the house and on the way to class as quickly as you can. In time working out will just be what you do. You don't just decide not to eat in the morning, right? You don't decide not to dress for work, right? Make working out something that you just do -- not a decision, not a choice... it's what you do.

One trick is the language you use. Don't say, "I don't want to miss a workout." Don't say, "I can't miss a workout." Say, "I don't miss workouts." Make working out a part of your identity.

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