How do you see your role as a Ghostwriter, how do you manage to write and describe other people's experiences and feelings for example better than them, to what extent do you have literary freedom?

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It depends on the project, but overall my goal is to genuinely reflect the opinions, experiences, advice, etc of the client. Sometimes that means taking a tremendous amount of input from that client and putting it into the right words. But most of the time I am also responsible for coming up with the topic, information, advice, etc -- oftentimes 90% or more of the content comes from me, and the client provides anecdotes and stories to help flesh out the material. Either way, the client ultimately is in charge and must feel that the material actually represents them.

As for literary freedom, we talk a lot in the beginning about the audience, the goal of the book or article, what "voice" best serves the client and the material... and then it's my job to write in a way that serves those goals. If the book should be academic or professorial in tone, that's how I write it. If it should be breezy and chatty and informal, that's how I write it. So I do have a lot of freedom, but within the boundaries of what stye best serves the material.

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