How do you focus ? How do you handle distractions like constant notifications etc?

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Assaf Levy

It's easier for me since I don't work in a team, don't lead people... I basically get to organize my workday as I see fit.

With that said, I tend to work in 90-minute blocks. I shut down email, turn off my phone, turn off any notifications, and do the work. Then I come up for air and see what I missed and deal with anything that is important. Then I do another work block.

One thing to remember is that people will treat you the way you train them to treat you. If you always respond instantly, no matter how unnecessary "instant" may be, that's what people will expect. If you respond within a few hours, that's what people will grow to expect. Responding immediately to everything gives people the permission to interrupt you when they want... and that's a productivity killer.

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