Based on your experience, what is the biggest challenge of working for yourself and working from home? How do you overcome it?

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There are two answers to this question. Working from home (and for yourself) can be tough if you're used to going to a workplace and drawing a salary. But it gets a lot easier to focus, stay busy, prioritize revenue-producing activities, etc when you realize that your pay is directly dependent on your output. Once you internalize that (and some people, oddly enough, take a long time to) then working hard will be a lot easier. If you're struggling to stay focused because the environment isn't good, or family distracts you... figure those things out and deal with them immediately.

Then the other challenge is knowing when to stop. When your work is always just a few steps away it can be hard to put it away. You'll need to create boundaries for yourself to make sure you actually live a full life. It's easy to let work take over everything, and that's a recipe for long term unhappiness.

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